If you are looking for a great theme to note down your thoughts, experience or best practices, there hardly is a better option that Sketchpad – a convenient all-in-one solution to making your website look stylish and uncluttered at the same time. This theme is designed as a twenty-first-century notepad, combining the traditional elegance of notetaking with a nouveau worldview. This way, any ideas of yours will fit in harmoniously, and your readers will appreciate a polished yet completely unintrusive interface. Sketchpad will be most well-suited for business news, journalist reviews, morning news, personal opinion blogs, event reviews, business ideas, case studies, cuisine, book stores, book reviews and many, many more.


* Cross-browser compatible
* Two-column design
* Fixed-layout
* Translation-ready
* Pagination
* Customizable background and color of site title
* Customizable header image
* Customizable logo and favicon
* Support posts formats
* Main colors: brown


* Russian (ru_RU)
If you create your own language pack or update the existing one, you can send the text of PO and MO files for BestWebSoft and we’ll add it to the plugin. You can download the latest version of the program for work with PO and MO files Poedit.

Copyrights for Resources used in this theme

* External font from Google Webfonts is used in Theme:

– Open Sans – http://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Open+Sans License: Apache License Version 2.0 Copyright: Steve Matteson, https://profiles.google.com/107777320916704234605/about

* The following js-files from “/js” Folder are used in the Theme:

– ‘pie.htc’ in the “ie” folder License: Apache License Version 2.0 and GPL Version 3. Copyright: Jason Johnston, https://raw.github.com/lojjic/PIE/master/LICENSE-APACHE2.txt

– ‘html5.js’: License: MIT/GPL2 Licensed Source: https://github.com/aFarkas/html5shiv Copyright: HTML5 Shiv v3.6 | @afarkas @jdalton @jon_neal @rem – ‘content-height.js’

* The following images are used in the “img” folder in the Sketchpad Theme

License: GNU General Public License v2 or later Copyright: the Bestwebsoft team, https://github.com/bestwebsoft

Manual installation:

Upload the Sketchpad folder to the /wp-content/themes/ directory

Installation using “Add New Theme”

  1. 1. From your Admin UI (Dashboard), use the menu to select Themes -> Add New.
  2. 2. Search for ‘Sketchpad’.
  3. 3. Click the ‘Install’ button to open the theme’s repository listing.
  4. 4. Click the ‘Install’ button.

Activation and Use

Activate the Theme through the ‘Themes’ menu in WordPress

Post Thumbnail Functionality

To post thumbnails we recommend using the image with width equal to 503px.


The Theme supports standart Widgets.
By default in the sidebar the following widgets will be displayed: pages.

How can I change the language from English into Russian?

In the main catalog of your WordPress site find file wp-config.php, open it and change define( ‘WPLANG’, '' ); for define( ‘WPLANG’, ‘ru_RU’ );

How to use the custom header image?

You can use the custom header image the following way: from your Admin UI (Dashboard), use the menu to select Appearance -> Header -> Select image -> Browse, and then select Upload. Header images have max size 880px*117px.

How to use the custom logo and favicon?

You can use the custom logo and favicon the following way: from your Admin UI (Dashboard), use the menu to select Appearance -> Customize -> Logo & Favicon -> Click on “No image” under the Logo or Favicon -> Click on “select a file” -> Browse your image -> Press Save & Publish.

Does the theme support widgets?

Yes, this theme includes widgets. The widget ‘pages’ is shown by default.

Does the theme support custom menu?

Yes, the Theme supports navigation menus, which is located at the top of the page.

How to add plugins?

From your Admin Panel, use the menu to select Plugins -> Add New. Search the necessary plugin and click ‘Install Now’ button. Then activate that plugin through ‘Plugins’ menu.

  1. sketchpad screenshot 1

    Theme home page

V1.8 – 04.08.2014

* Bugfix: Minor fixes.

V1.7 – 12.05.2014

* Update: Updated code of output logo & favicon
* Bugfix: Other minor fixes

V1.6 – 30.04.2014

* Update: Disabled custom logo by default
* Update: Disabled custom favicon by default
* Bugfix: Other minor fixes

V1.5 – 18.04.2014

* Bugfix: Display title and tagline was fixed
* Bugfix: Code formatting was fixed
* Update: Display of various posts formats was updated
* NEW: Support for customization logo and favicon was added

V1.4 – 10.04.2014

* Bugfix: Cross-browser compatible was fixed
* Update: Changed Theme name to ‘Sketchpad’

V1.3 – 09.04.2014

* NEW: Support for color customization site title was added
* NEW: Support for selecting the format of posts was added
* NEW: Template files formats posts were added
* Bugfix: Css-styles were fixed
* Update: Information in the comments css-files was updated
* Update: Copyright information was updated
* Update: The description of the theme was updated
* Bugfix: Other fixes

V1.2 – 03.04.2014

* Update: Screenshot of theme was updated
* Bugfix: Style of navigation menu was fixed
* Bugfix: Header was fixed
* Bugfix: Display of Featured Image on the pages was fixed
* Bugfix: Display of images on pages was fixed
* Bugfix: Display of galleries pages was fixed
* Update: Footer was updated
* Bugfix: Semantic markup of html5 was fixed
* Bugfix: Code formatting was fixed
* Bugfix: Other fixes

V1.1 – 28.03.2014

* Bugfix: Display of page elements and widgets was fixed
* NEW: Style for the table of special characters was added
* NEW: Support for menu navigation was added
* Bugfix: Code formatting was fixed
* Bugfix: Other fixes

V1.0 – 21.03.2014

* Release date of Sketchpad

In case you have any questions, or if there is an issue you want to discuss, please visit our Support Forum.

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